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>> and a arrest made in a popular athlete stabbed to depth. >> ed video of a fast drive through the bodway tunnel. it has one police officer in hot water. but some say it's not what you think it is. good evening. it's wednesday, december 12th. i'm gasia mikaelian. we begin tonight with developing news. we learn just a few hours ago governor jerry brown is battling cancer and is being treated here in the bay area. we spoke on the phone with the press secretary who told uses 74-year-old governor has early stage prostate cancer and being treated with radiation. the governor brown's prognosis is excellent and is set to attend an event tomorrow. deunder went minor surgery last
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year to remove a cancerous growth on his nose. we're talking to doctors about the cancer that affects many. we'll have the full story on the sock news. and what happened the moments before two people were left bound and gagged on sunday in the middle of a san francisco street. four of the five suspects of homicide case have entered not guilty pleas today. the investigator say the group assaulted 26-year-old steven read and audri prada. they were dumped unbraces l street reid later die. ed. prosecutorrers not sure what sparked the violence but they say it was not a random act. the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager is fastening charges. 21-year-old garcia torres was arraigned on the additional charges in san joses. he's accused of trying to
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kidnap three different women in morgan hill in 2009. le mar's body has never been found. today her mother has this plea slip hope and freeway pray with the holidays the accused will have l find in his heart to come forward with the information necessary to necessary to locate sierra. >> his next hear set for february 6th. and antivirus software john mcfee is now in the u.s. he aroad in miami about three hours ago. he was released from detention today and escorted by great mall listen immigration officials. he was detained after entering the country illegally. he's wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor. a federal judge approved plan to oversee the embattled police department.
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we reported last week. that they agreed to the terms of plan. claim the officers a. -- brought authority including the power to miss the police chief. raided a pot growing operation one the operate say is for medicinal marijuana. the raid took place. officers confiscated hundreds of marijuana plants along where w growing equipment. two people were arrested but the operate told tkvu was growing it for medical use. police say he did not have the necessary permits. video recently posted on facebook has left a veteran san francisco police officer in hot water tonight. it shows someone driving at high speeds through san francisco ice broad ray tunnel and yes, sir now flying just as
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fast. >> reporter: the broad way has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour. >> here we go. >> reporter: but this video posted to the facebook page of san francisco police sergeant t was entitleed broadway tunnel 100 miles an hour. you over in see the face hour can you tell how fast it's going. >> it's fencive. it visits our public safety. >> i showed the video to city supervisor who talked to police chief greg sir about it. >> they're investigating who it was. there are comments about it being a police officer. they're looking that. >> reporter: supervisor david chew represents ticket three. >> this is dangerous sand inappropriate behavior and we can't have folks going 100 miles an hour through the tunnel. >> reporter: the posting has
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been removed and sergeant t said he was not drunk or going a hundred miles an hour. >> certainly if it was a police officer they're going take the appropriate actions. >> interest i will the posting was removed around the time i told san francisco police union president about the video. his reaction, an exasperated look. in san francisco i'm john ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco deb e deputy charged with robbing a bank last month today entered not knot guilty plea. 36-year-old phil leadership song accused of killing $1700 bank of america in the richmond district. police say they tracked him down through surveillance video and fingerprint on a though the handed to teller. quick act san francisco police officer save the life of a newborn baby who was born in the middle of the street this morning. when offers arrived the newborn
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wasn't breathing. and dramatic rescue effort unfolded in a patrol car. one officer performed cpr. >> both thought about their own children as this was occurring and they were quite pleased with the outcome. >> the way by's mother who police tell us is 39s old was also take top hospital if both see and her newborn are doing well. a man surround arrest on dui and hit and run charge was a crashing his truck into an apartment building narrowly missing two children sleeping inside. it happened about 3:30s this morning. police identified the driver as 21-year-old austin joseph cirge ear. witnesses say he may have been going 70 miles an hour. the impact knocked a 2-year-old her crib. you can see she's okay. the suspect tried to leave the scene but neighbors stop od him. the federal reserve today weekend the forecast for the u.s. economy. it's f it is now predicting
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slower growth ahead and barely any change in the unemployment rate. the fed predicts unemployment will physical eand 68% by the ended ended of 2014. the prediction suggests the fed will the keep low interest rates low for the next three years. it plans to keep rates near 0 as long as unemployment remains above 6.5%. a unique program which is highly successful at getting bay area veteran's hire is in danger of crow loving. the number of people using its services is low compared to number of vets returning from iraq and afghanistan. leadersers with the center hope more veterans will take advantage of their programs. it's already affects business investment and hiring
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decision by creating uncertainty. we saw what happened recently to consumer sentiments which fell in part because of concerns about the fiscal cliff. >> the fed also says that they believe the financial crisis will be resolved without significant long term damage. the dough snapped a fife day winning streak finishing two points lower. >> attacks cut which -- a tax cut which means give -- do i detect your smirk as to mean that republicans won't vote and >> she be blames republicans for reaching the agreement. she says republicans are holding mild income tax cuts hostage. gop leaders blame president obama for the delay. fremont police want you take a close look at video we're about to show you because it could help them catch a three. investigator northeast video.
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you can see it shows a man approaching a grove. he running back to his car right in front of house. police say the car there may be a honda civic. police asked if you recognize the man or the car please please call them. there's one person that's saying there's a man with a rifle. >> frantic 911 calls. a moment the gunman opened fire in a oregon shopping mall. mall. the tide is the lot pep it tomorrow it will bat highest point of the year. bakelite 7:20 it's going to be real cold tomorrow. the showers out there. i'll let you know when the showers pick up and how cool it will get tonight. ing ]
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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two instants at reports of a natural gas order. impact john f bald win elementary and a middle school. the order was lifted before noon. it was a death that shocked the community two years ago. now three suspects have been charged in the stabbing of a pop paula high school athletes. authorities outlined a multilayer plot. >> reporter: it's been two years since the stabbing death of just of justice ofoa, and today we got a look at suspects for the first time that are charged. there was in the courtroom today when they were arraigned industry via videoconferences. our camera was not aflout courtroom. the judge told me his denial was for today only because he wants the defendants to have an
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attorney before agreeing to cameras and also no witness identification issues but that didn't stop the new york police department from releasing these mug shots of the suspects. danielle howard p daniel la. and raff phial. two of them have confess z. the criminal complaint filed today outlined a month long con conspiracy that let each over in where the victim justice was on the december sat 2010 and what he was wearing. although a photo was no a gang member the suspects are alleged to have killed him for gang retaliation. the suspect's family were in court today but didn't want to be seen on camera. a public defender told us why. >> they're just not part of this and they're concerned about their privacy and their safety. they don't know what to expect. and would rather be private and not be on the news right now.
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>> do they feel threatened at this moment. >> i think they are concerned about being seen and associated with something that's not of their doing or making. >> now the suspects all three of them were back here in court next monday to be appointed attorneys. also this criminal complaint alleges a gang enhancement that makes them all eligible for stiffer penalty if convicted. dan's recalling more than 800,000 suvs and minivans because they can roll away even with the key removed. 200. and 2004 minivans and pilot suvs. and 203-200 #ing a cue area and mdx. the part can wear-out and alouse the driver to put key
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out while the driver was still in gear. one person was hit by their vehicle around broke a leg. a clearer picture is emerging of the man who opened fire on holiday shoppers in a crowded shopping mall outside overpartland. two people killed before the gunman took his own life. and as emily reports the situation could have been far worse. >> reporter: the gunman made the 1 point had 4-million square feet mall feel too small. as thousands of shoppers tried to escape. all i heard was i am the sheet. >> we had time stop and say, what is this noise and we realized oh my gosh that's a gun. >> investigators say the gunman was 22-year-old jacob roberts. they say he had stolen the gun tuesday from someone he knew. they don't know how many rounds he fired. the bullets killed two people
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54-year-old cindy yule and steven forsyth. a third victim, christina is still in the hospital. the county sheriff call it is a heart breaking tragedy yet adds,. >> we need to be thankful that this incident wasn't much worse. >> reporter: one reason he says law enforcing were on the scene one minute after the first call. >> there's one person say there was there's a man when the rifle near the food court. >> reporter: another reason the sheriff says the rifle jammed while here fired. though he later fixed it people had more time to escape. officials say an early investigation shows roberts will no significant criminal history. they say roberts shot himself in the mall, removing the chance for them to ask him how he could do in. pope benedict posted his
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first tweet today. his much anticipated first tweet, dear friends aim pleased to get in touch you through twitter. thank you for your generous response. i bless all of you from my heart. a flood of tweet followed. facebook is once again changing privacy setting. this time it should make privacy controls easier to understand. the changes will include more explanation of privacy setting. but fake avenue facebook is dropping the ability to hide your profile from the search tool. and baby a direct examination driean came to into the world on 12/12/12 at 12:05:00 p.m. her mom and decade dad say she a treasure who happened to arrive on this day. we saw a dudsen couples constitute knot at city hall. they were among thousands
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expected to make their anniversary date an easy one to remember. and an all star concert is going on at madison square garden right now. we're showing one of the highlights. parole jam singing with roger waters of ping floyd. joe billly joel, and the rolling stones all set to play later tonight. expected to raise tens of millions of dollars. go to to watch that concert yourself. the outside lands music and arts festival has a long life ahead. the san francisco board of supervisor voted to expand the permit until 2021. increase the attendance it to 75,000. if you live along the coast, be careful because tomorrow we're expecting to see
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the biggest tides of the year. today some parts of bay area experienced minor flooding and we could see more of the same. >> reporter: this is high tide this morning. the waters of the bay topping the bark in san francisco. >> i used to run here a lot and it's really fascinating to see. >> reporter: and expect to see this again when the king tide arrive. >> it'll be higher tomorrow by just a little bit. just a hair. >> reporter: marchy jean showed us the golden gait tide station. there station is where the tide and sea level have been recorded for more than 150 years. as for tomorrow,. >> we're doing for a 7.2-foot high tide tomorrow. around 10:45 or so here. >> we should see more what we saw on the embark and high tide where the water was notably
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higher and in the bay such as here in hey word where low lying mash lands were inendated. >> there are were some today. >> tomorrow's king side expected to be the highest tide of year and these king tides typically happen in the colder months. we had one in november and two more predicted for january and february. and pacific kaka, channel 2 news. the mega bus got rolling early this mortgage. passenger board the in san francisco. destination los angeles. for the first week fairs are one dollars. the double decker buses fitchew find power outlets and it freeze oakland and san jose. one bay area law enforcement agency is getting more than a leg up in fighting crime. how the four legged addition will also help the nation other areas. >> and recent cool down
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bayer bay crabbers headed out before dawn to harvest crab for the holiday tables. our crew there was the. crab fibberman and wholesalers reached a price agreement. brokers play paying $3-pound for their catch. we have our chief meteorologist bill martin here to talk about some change kind of unsettling. >> we this that weak system today. we have more lined up. but they're very cold and very dry. we're not going see a lot of rain for any of these. we go outside. i just want to is to showout path they take. and they're going to do this. so they're all originating from this area up the polar regions. and when they drop down like last night's storm, they carry very little moisture. rainfall accumulation last nights 500s of an inch. a tenth of an inch in the heaviest locations but that's what you get. when you get a cold system like
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this one, and the next one and the next one, you don't get much rain. so that's the downside. you do get slow snow levels but they did get almost a foot of snow in the higher elevations. it's going to be a cold morning for your thursday morning and you knew that because this cold air has left behind as that front moves through. look for frost. right around freezing. everybody else mid-30s. low 40s. but when you wake up in redwood city at 37 that's chill we. when you send the kids off at 36 degrees. that's a jacket. showers are ending. this is the computer model. it takes us into late tonight early tomorrow morning. so tomorrow is not a bad day. partly sunny cool, mild. thursday is gooded. watch what happens here. as we get into thursday night, something shows up and there's friday system that rolls in late thursday night into friday morning. looks like we might see a little wet untrace for your friday morning commute.
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activist this is another cold storm. 7:00 friday. more clouds maybe some drizzle in the afternoon. kind of ninth. that's thousand looks right now. look cast coming. another cold storm. that's saturday. so you get the picture. sort of this continued cool, kind of new nuisance showers. so there you go. you got some showers in there every other day. the five day forecast with your weekend in view. thank you. there's a new officer it on the patrol in the east by a regional park district and he's called officer justin. he is a police horse. officers say he helps them go to remote areas that are hard to access otherwise. another benefit, he's a great ambassador to the public. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time
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news breaks. i'm mick -- gasia mikaelian. we're continuing our coverage at 10:00 news. and a neighborhood now on edge after a man gunned down in front of his home. keep in mind tmz is up next rights ear on -- here on tv 36.
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